The mood

of the light

"Photographer to remember. The past is a place where there is no return"

I began off my film career in the ‘60th playing brief parts in several movies as a child actor.
My father, Stelvio Massi, introduced me to filmmaking in the ‘70th. 

He was an estimated cinematographer and filmmaker and I made the rank both as an assistant filmmaker and screenwriter.

My first filmmaker credit was “Ciao Cialtroni (1980). The film was a considerable success, won the first prize at the Giffoni Festival and was nominated for the Nastro d’Argento award.
In 1990 I shot “A clear night" and in 1994 I directed “The Sixth Day - Revenge” (destined for the foreign market) under the pseudonym of Daniel Stone.

In 2003 I directed my last film “The prosecutor”.

After the death of my father (2004) I gradually abandoned cinema to embrace my old passion for photography.

My deepest desire is to capture emotions through a simple click in order to tell short stories.



If I didn’t have you (1965)
Forgiveness (1966)
No One Can Judge Me (1966)
You’ll See Me Back (1966)
Mark the policeman (1975)
The Trucid Gang (1977)


Hello cialtroni! (1979)
A Clear Night (1990)
The Sixth Day – Revenge (1994)

TV Movie
The Prosecutor (2003)

Subjects and scripts

An Sconvenient Cop (1978)
Hello cialtroni! (1979)
Black Cobra (1986)
One night… Clare( 1990)
The Fifth Day (1993)
The Sixth Day – Revenge (1994)
Prosecutor (2003)

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